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Mike Harwood is a singer/songwriter guitarist who resides in the West Coast of Cornwall (UK). Started in the music business as a Decca Records artist and session guitarist. Music style is described as “warm funk for a cold day” combines elements of fusion, smooth funk, R&B, soul, blues and acid jazz..

Music inspires the soul - something I have always tried to achieve in my songs and in the way I play. My BooBoo CD is a collection of collaborations with vocalists and musicians covering a wide range of styles for radio, tv and film soundtrack use, I hope you enjoy the tunes. Mike
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Susan Francis : www.jazzreview.com

"Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer Mike Harwood, gives smooth funk and chillout grooves atoms of acid/electronica jazz and showers of soul which sow warmth and bliss into the modal harmonies on his songs from his latest release Booboo. Produced by Mike with some tracks co-produced by his good friend Markus Wagner, the album has reflections of urban funk on tracks like Someone Like You, So complicated and Could You Be The One featuring the quiet storm vocal styling of Dyan Burrell, and the smoky country-blues textures stirred up by singer-songwriter John Keenan on numbers like Moonshine and Let Me Go.
Booboo is an amalgam of jazz, funk, soul and blues-folk which manifest into waves of cool funk and trance jazz. The songs are sensuous with fluid movements and stimulating lifts that bring you in and free you of the burdens that weigh you down. The album commences with tangy guitar sequences and island beats on Feel Real Bad, wrapped by the raspy blues-folk timbres of Mike Harwood. The smooth jazz synth scapes of Cruisin Part One are pulsed by club beats giving the number a West Coast ambiance. The bluesy chillout tempo of Love Is has a cool island sway integrating urban funk raptures which excite the delicate keys of the momentum. The electrifying coils of fusion and acid/electronica jazz phrases on Booboo are captivating with balmy tones and stimulating patinas."

Reese Gentle : Leeds Music Scene

"Mike is a dream of a very talented singer/songwriter. Mikes songs are written and sung with, passion, emotion and delivered with strength and conviction. He is a true musician worth getting excited about, a true lyrical genius, Mike brings funk and blues back into the 21st century. A big talent, undeniably addictive, and is a big prospect whose talent has gone largely unoticed by the music industry, but surely not for much longer? Mike can put this genre of music back on the map and I wish him luck. He's like a Monét painting, priceless! and just what we need to keep this music we love so dear, alive, a true talent that's rare in this day and age of music."



T: +447765 038431